Kristi Eaton

Kristi came to us by way of volunteer, coach, and Associate Board member and is now proudly our Program Coordinator. Growing up with an autistic nephew close to her age, Kristi experienced firsthand the added difficulties that families with disabilities endure. She previously spent over a decade in the entertainment industry where she planned and coordinated many types of events and after producing one particular event for Stephen Hawking, her path would forever change. During his speech, Hawking said “we must transcend our limits,” and at that moment she knew she had much more to accomplish. She currently studies computer science part-time at Columbia University and inspired by her volunteer work with KEEN, wants to use these skills to create a more inclusive digital landscape. Being able to support other families is what inspires and motivates her and Kristi’s goal at KEEN is to use her diverse background to cultivate a warm & welcoming community while being an organized, consistent support system. 

Program Coordinator