Bryan Butvick

Bryan created the Zubia Community provide open access to current health and wellness information in an interactive live-streaming video, mobile-friendly format. Members who use our platform come are from all areas of health and wellness, including (and primarily) patients and their families, support groups, hospitals, charities and foundations, medical professionals, diet, nutrition and fitness experts, alternative medicine providers, scientists, researchers, support groups and more. Together we share our knowledge and experiences to benefit the entire community.

Prior to creating Zubia, Bryan was President and CEO of Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC, a market leader in claims administration support services. In addition to his role as KCC’s CEO, Bryan was the executive sponsor for Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) - a mortgage servicing provider acquired by Computershare.

Bryan came to KEEN as a volunteer with NYCares. The ability for an individual to make a significant impact on a KEEN athlete or program led him to embrace the organization and join the board.


Founder, ZubiaLive
Board of Directors