KEEN Sports

Program Description

During the Sports Program, athletes and volunteers come together for one-to-one activities. They have a group warm up, and then move to individual activities which are tailored solely to the needs of the athlete. They may throw a basketball or kick a soccer ball. Many love to bounce on 36” balls or be pulled along the floor on a flat wheeled scooter. A group may form for Duck, Duck, Goose. The session ends with everyone coming together in a circle (although some athletes still need to run around its periphery, and that’s okay) and sharing with the group what they did that day “that made them very Proud" and relay races! Athletes burn energy, meet and interact with new volunteers, see old friends, and then rejoin their parents, who have had some precious respite time.

During the Arts & Crafts Program, athletes and volunteers come together for one-to-one activities. Depending on the child's ability, they can color in coloring books or on construction paper, make friendship bracelets, or create a masterpiece with pom poms, feathers, stickers...whatever materials are available to bring their imagination to life!
Ages: 5 - 21

Session Information

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Program Location
  • Manhattan Sports: Recreation Center 54, 348 East 54th Street, New York, NY 10022
  • Bronx Sports: St. Mary’s Rec Center, 450 St. Ann's Avenue, Bronx, NY 10455
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