KEEN Athletes "Draw" Attention to World Autism Awareness Day
Sunday, April 2, 2017

Creating art on tennis shoes donated by KEDS, KEEN Athletes "draw" attention to World Autism Awareness Day.

A nonprofit group celebrated World Autism Awareness Day by offering therapeutic art for children with autism. At the event organized by Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, also known as KEEN, volunteers handed out sneakers for children to decorate in creative designs. The sneakers were donated by Keds as part of World Autism Awareness Day.

Experts say autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the U.S., affecting one in 68 children and one in 42 boys. KEEN says many children with disabilities have a high obesity rate. They say their hope is by designing the Keds, the children will be free to express themselves and motivated to be more active.

The space where the event was held was donated by Brooklyn fashion blogger Keiko Lynn.