Joseph Chapman

Joseph joined Keen New York’s board in 2016.  He is a Crude Oil Futures broker for ICAP Corporates LLC, a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services, in Jersey City, NJ.  He has brokered oil for 20+ years.  Prior to that, he brokered various commodities, including Silver and NYFE Composite Index on the NY Mercantile Exchange floor located in the World Trade Center.
Joseph has taken self-development and training courses at Landmark Worldwide, which has empowered him with leadership skills.   These courses lead to the start-up of  a nonprofit organization called Exuberant Care which will provide programs to transition the homeless back into society.  He is a father of two, a daughter and a son and lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.  With a true passion to helping those with disabilities, Joseph decided to join as a member of the board of Keen New York to contribute to the joy and dedication to assuring children with disabilities have an awesome experience in all activities provided and get to live an extraordinary life.

Crude Oil Futures Broker, ICAP Corporates LLC
Board of Directors